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Altitude Oxygen Benefits

One of the most unpleasant factors of going to a high altitude is difficulty sleeping well, because this effects how you feel the next day.  In order to learn more about sleep deficiency at high altitude the University of California, San Diego examined the effects of sleeping in oxygen-enriched rooms to combat the effects of high altitude.  The randomized, double blind study brought participants who usually live at sea level to a laboratory at 11,400 ft (3800m).  Half of the participants were assigned to sleep in oxygen enriched rooms, while the other half slept in rooms filled with ambient air while being monitored by doctors.  The doctors who conducted the study came to the following conclusions regarding subjects who were sleeping in an oxygen-enriched room versus those sleeping in the ambient air:

  • Less difficulty breathing
  • Improved well-being upon awakening
  • Lower Acute Mountain Sickness scores
  • Increase in oxygen saturation in their blood
  • In general, the subjects felt they slept better and awoke more refreshed when sleeping in an oxygen-enriched room!

Too many times people have left their vacation early or have not visited at all because of the problems associated with high altitude environments.  At the Oxygen Company we strive to help you enjoy the many activities the mountains have to offer by enabling a smoother adjustment to our area.  A non-medical level of oxygen will assist you, your family and guests with the transition to a higher altitude. It will help you to sleep better in altitude as well as combat all the unpleasant symptoms associated with the body’s adjustment high altitude destinations.  Don’t let yourself or a member of your party miss out on the exciting days and nights in Colorado due to easily avoidable malaise. 
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